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Home Sweet Home Alone : Not Quite The Original

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

I could say something like I really wanted to like this film going into it, but that is cliché and also not true at all. I knew going in that it was never going to be able to live up to the original, and I was right.

Everything about this film just feels so misplaced and poorly done. The tone seems to constantly shift from point to point and at times I genuinely had a difficult time keeping up with what was going on, though that might just be because I watched it very late at night.

The characters themselves are nothing more than just fine. The main lead was never going to be able to replace or even hold a candle to the original Kevin Mcallister, but I do admit he did bring something different to the table, though not much. The "villains" are fine, but I hate the choice that a lot of modern films and reboots do, and that's trying to make them sympathetic. I don't get what is wrong with having a villain that is just that: a villain. I don't always want to see character development or redemption arcs, especially in of all things, a Home Alone reboot.

I did appreciate seeing the original Buzz for a short time as the Police officer, but I must admit I am slightly disappointed that Macaulay Culkin didn't make an appearance. I didn't think he would ever play a major (or even minor) role, but it would've been nice to see him for a few seconds as a background character or easter egg, in this film he is only briefly mentioned. I did also find myself enjoying the occasional music track from the original 1990 film, while feeling completely out of place, it did make an effort to tie the two films closer together.

Otherwise, its a thoroughly forgettable movie, but I wouldn't say it was outright bad. I didn't enjoy myself, but honestly, I think the sort of person who would enjoy this film is someone who hasn't seen the original 2- that way they're not constantly thinking about and comparing this film to superior products.

Overall Rating: 5/10

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