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My Greatest Passion


Editing has been something that has intrigued me for many years, and I have been able to work on some really fun and rewarding edits over the years. YouTube has always been an amazing platform for me to experiment and expand my movie making skills and was a MASSIVE component in getting me an unconditional offer on the university course, of which I am on my final year- I am very grateful. I have also edited a number of short films and documentaries, which is a part of my work I hope is just getting started!

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Flat Out - Series

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Life After Ike - Short Documentary

1995 thumbnail 5.png

1995 WRC - Full Documentary


Ski Holiday - Vlog

Episode 1 Group S.png

Group S - Most Viewed Video

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Who Do We Turn To? - Short Film

To see all my videos available on the channel, click here.


Other Work

Graphic Art / Painting

Obviously just a hobby, but I've always enjoyed creating and distributing art, and of course this has gone a long way in my creative flair, as well as eyeing up a good shot and designing something that's pleasant to look at.

3D Modelling 

I originally started to learn 3D modelling as a creative endeavour for my Flat Out series (see above) but since learning the basics it has become a passion of mine- I'm still an amateur, but its great to start somewhere, right?

Click here to view a showcase of my car models


I have recently gotten back into photography using my DSLR. While it at first may seem rather unrelated to the world of video and media production, I've found the skills I've picked up with camera setup, shot composition and attention to lighting has really pushed my photography above what it used to be.

Social Media

I have also attempted to expand my brand across to different social media sites- primarily, Instagram and Tiktok. However, while I initially used these ventures solely as a supplement and advertisement to my YouTube channel, I've come to realise that there is much more potential to be found, and that each one will require their own special approach.

An example of this is my TikTok page. While initially I would simply reupload clips from my YouTube channel as a way of promoting said videos, I have reworked it into something it can call it's own.

Click here to view my TikTok page.


My Experience

Store Assistant - Robertshaw's Farm Shop

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June 2021 - September 2021

A lot of this job revolved around customer service and handling stock. I worked long, regular hours and my roles ranged from handling customer orders, replenishing stock in the counter and on the shop floor, moving deliveries and crates and wrapping stock in the back in preparation for being put out on shelves.

Store Assistant - Robertshaw's Farm Shop

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November 2019 - June 2020

All of the responsibilities I mentioned above can be applied here- the main difference in this period of work was having to work over the busy Christmas shifts. Mid December was likely the hardest I've ever worked, and crucially it helped me develop not only my customer service skills, but also my time-management and critical thinking skills, as it was key to stay on top of customer orders to keep the queues from becoming unmanageable.

Food and Beverage Assistant - Holdsworth House

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December 2018 - November 2019

Again, another job heavily centred around customer service. My roles included serving drinks and food to guests, clearing tables, aiding in the quick turnaround from venue to dining room, washing cutlery and glasses and maintaining a smart and dignified appearance. I had to overcome a lot of personal fears for this job, mainly my inability to carry multiple glasses, but overcoming it has helped me expand my potential greatly,

Assistant Editor (Work Experience) - Limehouse TV

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September 2018 - December 2018

I returned to Limehouse for a second period of work experience, this time for a much longer period. This meant I could tackle a much larger project. Namely, the scripting, filming and editing of Limehouse's short Christmas message for the year. It was an incredibly fun experience, especially being able to work on my own project from start to finish.

Office Assistant - Permanent Futures Ltd.

logo office.png

June 2018 - August 2018

Had a number of responsibilities during my summer job at the company. I worked on payroll spreadsheets, made powerpoints to be used in meetings, worked on logos for potential future endeavours, made a few short promos and generally helped with making tea and coffee and cleaning out old office space.

logo camera.png

Assistant Editor (Work Experience) - Limehouse TV

October 2017

An amazing first experience at a production company, I got to see the ins and outs of everyone's jobs and also had free reign of one of their editing suites to put together my version of their short Alzheimer's interview segment, being guided every step of the way by industry professionals. This was a great step into the wide world of media production, and really put into perspective what working in such a place as a career would be like- and working there would be amazing.

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